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28 JULY 2019

7/28 is World Hepatitis Day 2019!

#WorldHepatitisDay is Sunday, July 28th. This year's theme is "Find the Missing Millions" because 9 of 10 people living with Viral Hepatitis around the globe don't even know they have it! Help raise awareness on this important day, and learn more about the prevalence of viral hepatitis around the world,...

12 JULY 2019

Rodgers Raises Awareness for ALF and Liver Disease

The American Liver Foundation’s new ambassador, Will Rodgers, has a unique way of raising awareness about liver disease. As an up-and-coming NASCAR driver, Will brings his own perspective to the effort. Hawaiian-born Will, now 24, was diagnosed at age three with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a rare, chronic liver disease...

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