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06 AUGUST 2017

Becky B.

Liver Transplant, NASH

I’m Becky and I was diagnosed with NASH and was put on the transplant list in 2011. Later in my journey I was officially diagnosed with Cryptogenic Cirrhosis. My journey consisted of symptoms of some swelling in my ankles and leg and I started experiencing tiredness prior to my actual transplant.

I was and am blessed beyond measure compared to some of the stories I’ve read of those on their transplant journey! Also, I am forever grateful to my donor and family for such a selfless sacrificial act of love and compassion! When I was transplanted I was not a registered donor and really had never gave it much consideration.

I along with countless others am living proof what becoming a donor is all about! Through God’s grace and an act of love from a total stranger, I have been given a second chance in life!

My utmost advice would be to never lose faith! Keep hoping and believing! Find a dr./specialists whom you can confide in and whom you are comfortable with and one that will be there for you to provide you with the top-notch medical care you deserve!

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