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Ask the Experts: The ABC’s of Viral Hepatitis

Each fall, children around the country return to school—many to learn their ABCs, the foundation of their entire education. On September 10th, the American Liver Foundation’s Connecticut Division presented an educational program, “Ask the Experts: The ABCs of Viral Hepatitis,” which similarly offered what one attendee called “Excellent disease state info and statistics.”

Jeannine Hampton, APRN, Connecticut GI

Held at William Backus Hospital in Norwich, the evening presentation (The ABC’s of Viral Hepatitis) was facilitated by Jeannine Hampton, APRN, Connecticut GI, Norwich, a Division Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and Board member.

Michael Einstein, MD, Connecticut GI

Michael Einstein, MD, also with Connecticut GI and a Division MAC and Board member, gave attendees an overview of Hepatitis B and C, including risks, diagnosis and treatment. Susan Dubb, RN, Uncas Health District, Norwich, spoke about hepatitis C and the opioid epidemic with a focus on local resources and the importance of harm reduction.

Susan Dubb, RN, Uncas Health District

Presenter Susan Dubb said, “Hepatitis C is a public health epidemic for which we have the potential to turn the tide. Programs such as those offered through the American Liver Foundation (like the ABC’s of Viral Hepatitis) have the critical role of raising awareness about the behaviors that place individuals at risk for exposure; harm reduction strategies; and getting those affected connected with resources in their local communities so they can be treated and cured.”

ALF is committed to offering “Ask the Experts” programs about topics like viral hepatitis so that audiences of both medical professionals and lay people, as this one was, can learn the ABCs of viral hepatitis and the many other liver diseases.

NealonTom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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