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27 OCTOBER 2017

Are You At Risk?

On behalf of American Liver Foundation CEO, Tom Nealon:

To combat the alarming rise in liver cancer deaths (almost 29,000 are anticipated this year), the American Liver Foundation, for the fourth consecutive year, collaborated with Bayer and other sponsors to conduct a public awareness campaign, Are You at Risk?  The campaign educated the public in six cities (New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco) about risk factors, potential warning signs, and the importance of screenings and regular visits to the doctor.  Through the month of October, ALF used interactive banners, billboards and public transportation ads to direct people to online resources for more information about liver cancer.  In San Francisco, a collaboration with HepB Free San Francisco enabled us to include Chinese language ads.

We continued the Liver Cancer Awareness Satellite Media Tour to educate the public about the risk factors of liver cancer as well as provide much-needed information and hope to thousands of viewers and listeners, some of whom are facing the disease.  We concluded the tour with 26 total TV and radio interviews, including two national segments and four from the top 10 Designated Marketing Areas–more than we had last year–and ten of the interviews aired live.  Others were aired throughout the campaign month.  Click to view LCAM media tour links.

All of the segments haven’t even aired yet, but we have already reached 2,643,808 people nationwide so far with messages on the impact of liver cancer and the importance of recognizing its risk factors.

Our National Helpline staff report that people are noticing–and are concerned.  A gentleman located in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA) had been driving and saw our liver cancer campaign ad on a billboard.  With a past history of drinking in college, he wondered what kinds of things he might be able to do to promote liver health or wellness.

Another caller, with pre-transplant cirrhosis, was already well educated about his disease and is not presently affected by liver cancer, although aware of his cancer risk.  He contacted ALF to confirm that he is doing everything he can to manage his condition.

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