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09 FEBRUARY 2019


Alagille Syndrome

Our son Andrew was born September 30, 2013 with a genetic liver disease called Alagille Syndrome. At 8 days old we started seeing a liver specialist at Children’s of Alabama. The first year was hard as we did bloodwork several times a month trying to find a correct diagnosis. When Andrew turned a year old we finally got the diagnosis of Alagille Syndrome. The next two years would consist of lab work and hospital stays. Andrew was officially listed for liver transplant in June of 2017. On May 17, 2018 Andrew received his new liver! He was able to come home on June 4th. Since then Andrew has done exceptionally well with only one hospital stay. We still do monthly labs to keep a check on his levels. He is in preschool and will be starting Kindergarten this fall.

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