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Go Dry in January
17 FEBRUARY 2020

ALF’s Nealon Looks Back at Go Dry in January Campaign

The beginning of the year is often the time for setting goals and making changes, and some of the most popular resolutions include living a healthier lifestyle and helping others. That inspired us to create ALF’s Go Dry in January campaign to bring awareness to liver disease and support for our educational programs and patient services. 

Those who want to participate can go to a newly-created website at, with information about liver disease and alcohol.  Although January 2020 has ended, the site is still active, and people can select any 21 days to abstain or reduce alcohol consumption.

Many participants received near-daily text messages about the benefits of “going dry” for even short periods, such as improved mood, better sleep, weight loss and financial savings.

As the month ended, we sent out an email asking registered participants to fill out a survey and share their Go Dry stories with the liver community.  We are finishing a survey for non-registrants to ask if they participated in any Dry January activities.  We are continuing to explore more ways to offer our support for a longer-term initiative.

NealonTom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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