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09 JULY 2018

ALF’s Global Reach

July 6, 2018

For a number of years, the American Liver Foundation has worked to bring information about liver wellness and liver disease to all communities across this country. Whether extending our geographical reach or connecting with those who can best absorb information in a language other than English, we are determined to help the broadest constituency possible.

ALF brochures are translated into languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese. Calls to ALF’s National Helpline can be translated into any one of 240 languages with the help of LanguageLine Phone Interpreting technology. We are beginning to offer Ask the Experts programs in languages other than English. Most recently, the Rocky Mountain Division engaged the Vietnamese community to discuss hepatitis B, a serious concern for Asians around the world.

Juliane Swan, the Division’s Director, described the process that culminated in a morning program on June 23rd, in Denver, CO. “The Rocky Mountain Division began planning a Hepatitis B Liver Education Program in 2017. We continued to network with the Vietnamese community to keep the momentum going until June of 2018. The Vietnamese are the largest of Denver’s 13 Asian groups. Therefore, we choose to hold the presentation in Vietnamese. Our venue gave us the opportunity to educate entire families –51 attendees in all. The program was well received and we have been asked to hold another education program in February of 2019 now that we have gained the Vietnamese community’s trust.”

Two Vietnamese-speaking physicians were indispensable to the program’s success. Hai P. Bui, MD, from Lakewood Medical Center, served as the moderator and presented on Liver Wellness and Compliance. Phat D. Hoang, MD, from Westview Family Medicine in Phoenix, AZ, a family physician with a special interest in chronic hepatitis B, spoke on that topic. Both presentations were followed by panel discussions that gave an opportunity for exploring attendee’s concerns. Dr. Hoang said, “I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the Vietnamese Community in Denver about Chronic Hepatitis B. The audience was very enthusiastic and engaged. It was a wonderful program!”

In addition to this Vietnamese-language program, the Greater New York Division offered a Chinese-language event last year and a number of others are in the planning stages. We at ALF are committed to serving all member of the Liver Community.

Tom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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