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Tough Mudder
19 NOVEMBER 2018

ALF… Tough in the Mud!

Tough Mudder

Until recently, the words “Tough Mudder” were just words to me. Then members of our American Liver Foundation community began to be involved in these challenging events – and ALF as an organization decided to give it a try. For those who are still wondering, a classic Tough Mudder is an 8 to10-mile course with 25 obstacles to surmount, in mud. A shorter course, the Tough Mudder Half, is only slightly less intimidating.

We secured 25 entries and began to recruit athletes, with the help of the Divisions. Our participants came from across the country—Boston (June 23-4th), the New York area (October 6-7th), and both Northern (also October 6-7th) and Southern California (November 3-4), as well as Dallas/Ft. Worth, although that last event was cancelled by the organizers for having too much mud!

ALF staff member John Subervi recruited his colleagues Scott Suckow, Veronica Perez, Kelly Smith, Mary Beth Ryke, Megan Glynn and Laura DeVito, and created team “Run Liver Run,” made up of National, Greater NY, San Diego and San Francisco staff. John has turned all team members into super heroes by creating the tagline “Non-profit staff by day. Tough Mudder Warriors by night.”

Most of the team took part in the Tri-State Tough Mudder Half while the Californians participated there—including Sayone Thihalolipavan, MD, MPH, the Deputy Public Health Officer in San Diego.

We are so proud of these staff members, as well as Northern California MAC member Danielle Brandman, MD, a transplant hepatologist at UCSF Medical Center, and the other ALF supporters who took on this challenge. Together, they have also raised nearly $20,000 to support ALF programs. And we still have six entries to carry over to next year’s Tough Mudders!

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