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Tom Nealon and Scott Suckow
10 JUNE 2019

ALF Participates in 50th Anniversary Digestive Disease Week Conference

PHOTO CAPTION: Yuko Kono, MD, Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist, Clinical Professor of Medicine with UC San Diego Health (center), ALF’s National President and CEO Tom Nealon (left) and Division Executive Director Scott Suckow (right).

The 50th anniversary Digestive Disease Week (DDW) Conference was held in San Diego, May 18-21, 2019. ALF’s Pacific Coast Division was pleased to host a Pre-DDW Educational Dinner at the University Club prior to the start of the conference, welcoming liver specialists from across the country.

Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH, AAHIVS, infectious diseases specialist and assistant medical director, Family Health Centers of San Diego, a Division Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) member, provided context for the dinner. “So often at scientific conferences it is the side meetings that hold the most value, providing time to converse with colleagues, take stock of the therapeutic landscape, and hear about advances in related fields even if outside of our own bubble. The ALF Pre-DDW Educational Dinner succeeded in all these respects. It provided a wonderful opportunity to network in a relaxed and stunningly beautiful setting. Attendees also enjoyed an address by CEO Tom Nealon and ALF Pacific Coast Executive Director Scott Suckow, and a stimulating talk by the University of California San Diego (UCSD’s) Yuko Kono, MD on a new imaging modality for hepatic malignancies.” Dr. Kono’s presentation was “HCC prevention, screening and diagnosis: Contrast enhanced ultrasound is now prime time”.

Kathleen B. Schwarz, MD, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (UCSD/Rady Children’s), another Pacific Coast Division MAC member, spoke from her personal perspective. “As a pediatric hepatologist who always worries about hepatocellular carcinoma in her patients, I was grateful for the excellent talk on the newest imaging techniques for early detection of HCC. After the talk I spoke to Dr, Kono, who is from my new place of work – UCSD. We figured out some potentially powerful collaborations we could start in applying the techniques such as contrast ultrasound to pediatric patients and develop data that could have far-reaching impact. Thank you, ALF, for facilitating this wonderful evening!”

Tom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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