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Patient Runner Connection

The Patient-Runner Connection (PRC) teams up a liver patient, survivor, or family with a runner on the American Liver Foundation Marathon Team, participating in the Boston Marathon

Are you or someone you know affected by liver disease?

Share your story with your runner, at a long run, or on our website to motivate.

The American Liver Foundation’s Marathon Team is the oldest charity partnership with the Boston Marathon®.

Through our Patient Runner Connection, we will pair you with a member of the ALF’s Marathon Team who will train and run the Boston Marathon® in your honor.

You and your runner will form a team to inspire one another to reach your individual goals.

Take part in marathon activities in a highly unique and meaningful way.

Meet your runner and other people affected by liver disease at social events throughout the season.

Put a face to the cause! Challenge people to think again about liver disease.

For more information or to sign-up, please call (617-527-5600) or e-mail Lindsay Ventura, Community Outreach and Education Manager for the New England Division

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