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15 FEBRUARY 2018

ALF Hosts Leadership Conference in New York City

The American Liver Foundation’s Leadership Conference formally convened in New York on Monday January 22nd with an update from ALF’s leadership.  After remarks by Board Chair Nick DeRoma, National Board member Alan Dorr and a few words from me, COO Lynn Seim and CFO David Ticker took us through the year in operations and finance.  Next, our consultants, JPA Health Communications, briefed the attendees about the progress of our strategic planning process.  It is in full swing and we expect a 3-5 year strategic plan, with input from every level of ALF’s stakeholders, to be completed before the end of the year.

Later, the Division and National staff members in attendance heard from National Director of Programs, Jonathan Martin, about current opportunities and challenges in what we consider our four pillars–education, support, research and advocacy–and four Division staff members shared experiences from the field.

Neelu Kaur, Corporate Trainer & Leadership Coach, presented three workshops, one on each day of the conference.  Respecting cultural diversity, conflict resolution, and the topic of stress management and work-life balance all put the emphasis on the attendees’ personal resources and skill-sets.

Breakout sessions, of special interest to Executive Directors, Event Managers and Community Outreach and Education Managers, began on Tuesday afternoon and continued on Wednesday.  They were interspersed with group presentations on our new relationship management software, Engaged Donor, and on our increasing use of social media.

Sponsored breakfasts and dinners updated us on some new and soon-to-emerge advances in clinical practice, and a super award ceremony allowed us to salute some of last year’s special achievements and those who made them happen.  Altogether, it was a truly remarkable gathering of ALF’s dedicated and indefatigable personnel, both in the Divisions and at the National office.

Tom Nealon
American Liver Foundation

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