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Finding Support
29 APRIL 2019

ALF Help Line Provides Information and Support for All

Promoting support services is one of the pillars of the American Liver Foundation’s mission, together with education, advocacy and research.  We support those affected by liver disease in different ways but the most common point of contact with the public is via our National HelpLine located at our National Headquarters in New York.  In 2018, the ALF’s National HelpLine responded to more than 10,000 contacts.

The live chat function on ALF’s website has also become a very popular way to approach ALF.  Because our site is often the starting point for a search anywhere in the world, we hear from patients and family members in India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom as well as Canada and the US.  The National HelpLine has translation capability for 189 different languages, with Spanish being the most commonly used.  We also receive inquiries by email and through the mail.

About a third of all inquiries come from individuals seeking information about financial assistance.  ALF offers a financial resource guide available on the website or via email.  Other callers may be looking for disease-specific information which is available on ALF’s website and in brochures that can be mailed by our National HelpLine staff.  In addition, callers may wish to be connected to a support group, either live or on-line, and we can help.  Physician locator services are also available. Callers can be connected to ALF’s Divisions across the country when a local contact or local knowledge is essential.

“We have to first listen with our hearts”, says Warren Hall, one of our Helpline Specialists, “and we all do that.” After ‘hearing’ we then use our knowledge of liver disease to provide patients, family members, and caregivers the information they need. Some of the stories are heartbreaking and some of the stories are truly courageous, some of the callers are matter-of-fact and some aren’t quite sure what they need, but in all cases we’re here to help.”

Tom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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