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Community Education Programs

Community Education Programs are delivered by trained health educators and are intended to provide an overview of specific topics in the area of liver disease and wellness.  Community Education Programs are basically the same across the country regardless of where they are delivered, although content may be modified slightly to suit specific audiences and time constraints.  These programs include:

All presentations include printed educational brochures and information on how to identify local resources.

Viral Hepatitis Program

Focusing on hepatitis C (HCV), and addressing hepatitis A, hepatitis B, this program is offered to hospitals, detox centers, prisons and community-based organizations which provide services for addiction and substance abuse. We cover information about the liver, disease risk factors, prevention, coping with the challenges of living with hepatitis and advances in treatment. The program also addresses stigma related issues as a result of having a HCV diagnosis.

Program Reviews:

  • “Very enlightening”-BRC Men’s Health Group Member, Viral Hepatitis Program
  • “Very Informative and engaging” VillageCare NYC, Member, Viral Hepatitis Staff Education Program


Liver Wellness Program

The American Liver Foundation offers a general liver education program for adults seeking to understand how the liver functions and the causes of and risk factors and treatments for the most prevalent liver diseases. The program is offered to adult community groups including civic organizations, hospitals and other community settings and can also be part of corporate wellness programs.

Program Review:

  • “Excellent Presentation”-GMHC member, Liver Wellness Program

Youth Education Program

Our Youth Education Initiative is an interactive liver wellness education program targeted to elementary, middle, high school and college students. The program educates students about the liver and the actions they can take to maximize their liver health and prevent liver disease.

The Program has three components:

  • Elementary – targeting grades three through five
  • Middle School – educating grades six through eight
  • Teens to Twenties – Liver Wellness Guide which specializes in educating grades nine through college.

Each presentation is age appropriate concentrating on issues which help educate children, adolescents and young adults about how their liver functions, types of liver diseases, risk factors and ways to keep their livers healthy. By participating in this program, young people can achieve a greater awareness and understanding of the liver’s importance, maximize their liver health and be an integral part of preventing the spread of liver disease.

Program Review:

  • “I learned you should always protect your liver”-Boys & Girls Club of Newark, Youth Education Program ages 6-12


American Liver Foundation, Greater New York Division has presented at some of the most diverse programs in New York and New Jersey:

  • GMHC
  • Callen-Lorde
  • The Center, NYC
  • Phoenix House
  • Housing Works
  • Hunter College School of Nursing
  • St. Michaels Hospital Newark, NJ
  • Trinitas Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Boys &Girl Club of Newark, NJ

Our Community Outreach & Education Manager is available to present these programs as well as a cadre of trained volunteer speakers. We will make every attempt to honor all requests.

For more information or to schedule a program contact: email Veronica Perez, Executive Director or call her at (646) 737-9400.

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