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06 AUGUST 2018

ALF Announces Associate Healthcare Professional Management Series

August 3, 2018

One of the pillars of the American Liver Foundation’s mission is education. Although ‘education” is a single, simple word, ALF’s educational activities encompass programs for a wide range of people, including members of the general public, patients, family members and caregivers—and medical professionals.

This year, ALF’s Great Lakes Division Associate Medical Advisory Committee (AMAC) is presenting a three-part Associate Healthcare Professional Management Series, dedicated to peer-supported education around liver disease. Each program in the series is available as a stand-alone learning experience with CME credits available.

On March 13th, Vicki Shah, PA, Rush University, and a co-chair for the Division’s AMAC and member of the Division MAC, moderated a two-and-a-half-hour panel discussion followed by dinner at a Chicago venue. The topics and speakers included hepatocellular cancer (HCC) Basics: Karen Grace, RN, Northwestern University; HCC Medications: Sandy Cuellar Puri, PharmD, University of Illinois; and End of Life Care: Erin Bagwell, LCSW, Rush University.

A transplantation panel followed, featuring MELD, Listing Requirements & Surgical Technique: Mary Welti, NP, Northwestern University; Alcohol/Drug Use: Tara Reen, LCSW, Rush University; Pre and Post Diets: Hannah Gibbs, RD, Rush University; and Immunosuppression and Prophylaxis: Mary Beth Rittman, PharmD, Northwestern.

A webinar on July 17th allowed attendees to “attend” from the comfort of home or office. The agenda featured a discussion of alcohol and liver disease. Sarah Repking, NP, Rush University presented on alcoholic hepatitis and Tony Alan Amberg, Psych NP, Northwestern University, on psycho-social treatment.

The final, three-hour program will be held on November 1st in suburban Chicago, on fatty liver disease. Registration is now open, and the evening will feature case study analyses.

Vicki Shah, who spearheaded this series with Mary Welti, NP, summed up its benefit, “It was both important and unusual to hear from our multi-disciplinary team members about their approach to care for complicated liver patients, like those who are listed for transplant. Too often, we simply keep to our silos, but patients benefit from each one of our specialties.”

Tom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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