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04 AUGUST 2017

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Liver

Take Care of Your Liver
Exercise is extremely important for keeping up your general health, although it’s hard to tell the difference of your liver’s health after exercising, doing a couple of these easy routines can help you improve your liver health overall.

  1. Taking walks after meals.
  2. Standing while doing things you normally do sitting (such as talking your phone or drinking your morning coffee).
  3. Find every excuse to stretch (like a traffic jam in your car to stretch your arms and back, commercial breaks while watching T.V, or waiting in an elevator alone or with a friend).
  4. Sitting on a stability ball while at work instead of a desk chair or watching television instead of a couch/recliner.
  5. Taking the long way when walking (such as parking your car far away in the parking lot, finding a different route to a meeting at the office, relaying your messages in person rather than email, or whatever else you can find!)

Stay healthy, stay informed! We promise these work!

Last Updated on May 20, 2020


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